As awareness of Bitcoin has grown, so too have concerns about its energy usage. In this note we take a look at the scale and composition of Bitcoin’s energy consumption, show how Bitcoin miners are already acting as marginal buyers for stranded energy producers, and explore how Mawson is working to make Bitcoin mining a key part of our clean energy future.
The share of electricity generated from renewables will hit an all-time high of 30 percent in 2021.
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DeFi is the future of finance. Bitcoin and Ethereum are well positioned to underwrite DeFi, and by extension, the adoption and scaling of the decentralised internet (web3).
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Quantum computing may one day solve humanity’s most vexing problems. Around 25 percent of the Bitcoin already mined is theoretically vulnerable to quantum attack.
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Today, there is 743 GW of wind power capacity globally, which has prevented over 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere – that’s equal to the annual carbon emissions of South America!
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