What is High-Performance Computing (HPC)?

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Ever since Gary Kasparov suffered defeat at the hands of Deep Blue, we’ve been paying close attention to computing power from the so-called ‘supercomputers’ and monster machines. High-performance computing (HPC) has played a significant role in making that possible since as far back as 1985. It is now a serious consideration in use cases that span from the detection of credit card fraud to the curing of cancer.  

More recently, HPC has been considered as a viable solution for increasing cryptocurrency returns. This focus has especially made itself known in data centers using HCP applications like deep learning to further cryptocurrency mining. The question is, what exactly is HPC, and what does it have to offer for investments into digital finance overall? 

What is HPC?

HPC can broadly be considered as the coming together of networks to better process data at speed and perform quadrillions of calculations every second. The term supercomputer can help understand this considering that, effectively, HPC is a supercharged version of the average 3 billion calculations that the laptops can make each second. Within the world of digital assets, HPC refers to specific approaches to high-speed cryptocurrency mining that puts those calculations to use in the Bitcoin network.  

How does HPC work?

The fact that we’re all familiar with computer systems in general means that understanding how HPC works is far easier than you might assume. Predominantly, applications of this nature center around three main components, which are –  

  • Computer 
  • Storage 
  • Network 

That’s easy enough to grasp because, for the most part, this is what any computer application offers. However, with HPC, computer servers are networked into HPC clusters to enable the simultaneous running of algorithms and software. This group mentality enables data centers, which are specifically concerned with digital assets, to efficiently ensure collective payouts. However, the need for every single element to keep pace to succeed here means that to make a difference, HPC needs expert oversight within professional data centers that understand precisely how these systems work. 

Why is HPC important?

HPC is important because it’s paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries and game-changing innovations, not just for digital assets but also scientific discovery, engineering, and beyond.  

For the mining of cryptocurrencies, developing technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are especially running alongside HPC applications to enable simplified understanding and maintenance of crypto markets. Effectively, you could even argue that HPC applications are the printing presses of digital assets and are set to become increasingly crucial as moves to make Bitcoin legal tender in areas like El Salvador have inevitable global impact.  

Here at Mawson Infrastructure Group, we use HPC and modular data center (MDC) technology to partner standard or underutilized energy assets for digital asset creation and transactions efficiency. Our scale-on-demand cryptocurrency mining facilities especially enable the efficient, timely mining of digital assets that you can tap straight into by getting in touch with our team today.  


Contact us today and learn how Mawson can design a digital assets management program tailored to the specific needs of you and your enterprise.
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