The State of the Digital Assets Data and Infrastructure Landscape, 2021

Photo of MDC technology, example of how the digital landscape is changing

Digital assets have become ever more popular in recent years, with new options for buying and selling digital assets emerging. Despite being relatively new forms of purchasing power and investments, digital assets have quickly become indispensable.

Both digital assets themselves and the infrastructure behind them are developing quickly. Digital and traditional asset markets are also coming together as investors wish to manage their investments in both markets. In 2021, the digital assets data and infrastructure landscape is looking strong and is set to continue growing and evolving.

Some of the changes this year include new ways to make use of digital assets, the growth in popularity of existing assets, and a focus on energy usage in the digital assets market.

Modular Data Centres (MDC)

A mismatch between energy generation and end-users presents a big problem in digital asset management and infrastructure. One of the ways to solve this issue is through using modular data center technology combined with stranded and underutilised energy assets. Modular data centers make use of purpose-engineered modules and components that offer scalable solutions, allowing for rapid deployment of facilities without the need for large upfront investments. This lowers operational costs for digital infrastructure for companies and offers endless scalability.

Luna Square MDC, showing how the digital asset landscape has changed
Luna Squares Modular Data Centre


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a digital asset type that have exploded this year. Starting as a way to turn digital art into digital assets, they are now used in several different ways. Artists, musicians, authors, and even sports teams and athletes have begun to offer NFTs. Used for various digital assets, NFTs can range from artwork to albums, and physical items and experiences. Interest in investing in NFTs is rising, particularly among those looking for new ways to invest in blockchain technology

Real Estate Digital Assets

Digital assets based on real estate are one of the emerging ways to use digital assets. Startups in Germany have begun to create digital assets based on real estate. People who otherwise might not have had the capital to invest in real estate can do so through investing in digital assets.

The Future of Digital Assets

It is predicted the digital assets ecosystem will grow to over $2 trillion in the second quarter of 2021. A report earlier in the year highlighted companies across infrastructure, staking, on-chain metrics, and market data to demonstrate some of the significant players in the industry and how the market is growing. There are companies in all these categories that are contributing to the growth of the industry and ensuring that digital assets are legitimate investment options for experienced investors to newcomers.

The digital assets data and infrastructure landscape is looking bright in 2021. As we enter 2022, the industry will continue to expand and offer new opportunities for both businesses and individuals to get involved.



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