Mawson’s commitment to ESG

A Global Transition to a Decarbonised Society

Mawson is committed to ensuring that we do our bit to achieve a decarbonized society. We believe that mining Bitcoin is one of the best ways to push forward with our sustainable efforts. With a prime focus on high-performance computing, our integrated model is the best long-term strategy in terms of minimizing environmental impact. Green energy goes to waste if it is not used when it has been created. Cryptocurrency markets place their mining centers close to energy farms so that the overproduced electricity can be utilized, furthering the green movement.

Mawson have Joined the Bitcoin Council

Mawson have also joined the Bitcoin Mining Council.  The council is a voluntary open forum for miners, who are committed to the core principles that the cryptocurrency has to offer. The mandate of the council is to provide transparency while promoting and sharing best practices. Mawson is committed to being both a sustainable and efficient miner of Bitcoin, using sustainable energy such as wind, hydro and nuclear power.

A Partnership with Quinbrook

We have also formed a partnership with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. They are a green energy infrastructure fund, and it is co-located next to a renewable energy generation asset. Here at Mawson, we believe that this is the future of the industry, and we, for one, are excited to be at the forefront of this amazing movement. Our first Australian site went online in October, and it is going to be powered entirely by renewable energy. We have partnered at the 20MW site in New South Wales and the site allows us to establish a strategic operation. It is also a good opportunity for us to deploy our new Modular Data Centre, which is solely designed around Australian conditions. This alone will add 0.4 EH to the global operation.

Quinbrook’s values and their diverse operation makes them a very good partner for our company. The partnership reflects both of our views on renewable energy, and it is the key to success in the future. Quinbrook have a lot of experience in ESG and energy, making them an obvious and logical choice for us.

Mawson have Joined the Crypto Climate Accord

Surging demand for cryptocurrency, combined with the acceleration of blockchain has helped to highlight an important issue. The technology has a growing demand for energy, and this is having an impact on climate change. That is why, we are making it our main focus to work collaboratively with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to ensure that we develop green solutions, setting the bar high so that other companies and organisations have goals to strive in going forward.

The Crypto Climate Accord is inspired by the Paris agreement for climate change. It is an initiative for the entire cryptocurrency community, and the aim is to help decarbonise the blockchain industry to the point where it can be 100% green.

Mawson on Social and Governance

Here at Mawson, we believe in being socially engaged. We are a platinum sponsor of the School Athletics Program for Brentwood School. We offer the Mawson Group Scholarship, along with a Pathways Program. We believe in promoting educational seminars for any students who may have a keen interest in Bitcoin mining. Mawson is also a supporter of the athletics, academics and art departments at Washington County High School. With the Pathways program and educational seminars for students regarding the mining of Bitcoin, we believe that we are doing our part for future generations by educating them on the importance of going green. Governance framework revolves around our ethical and responsible approach to the decisions we make.

All in all, we are very proud of the progress we have made towards our ESG goals, and we will continue to push forward to ensure that our movement gains a steady level of awareness. Bitcoin can be green, and we will not rest until our efforts procure the desired result. We believe that we are paving the way for a greener, digital revolution, and we are thrilled to say that as the years go by, we further our mission more and more.


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