A Look Inside an MDC (Modular Data Center)

Modular data centers (MDCs) are an efficient and cost-effective way to provide data solutions. At Mawson, we use MDCs to deliver wholesale hosting solutions for medium to large-scale mining operations and blockchain-based High-Performance Computing.

But what exactly is a modular data center and what are the benefits of using one? MDCs offers scalability and flexibility, in addition to lowering operating costs.

What Are MDCs?

A modular data center is a system consisting of modules and components that work together to provide the required data capacity. The major advantage of a modular data center is that it is endlessly scalable. New modules can be added to the system to expand the data capacity in a cost-effective manner. Individual modules can both be added to existing data centers and combined in a system of multiple modules.

MDCs are typically containerized/portable data centers with equipment fitted into shipping containers. They can also feature prefabricated components that can be quickly built on-site and added to when necessary.

What Are MDCs Used For?

There are a variety of purposes for modular data centers.  MDCs can provide an affordable solution when building data infrastructure. They are an excellent option for scalability, enabling the ability to provide data infrastructure as it’s needed, rather than requiring large-scale investment. MDCs are also a good option for greater flexibility.

One of the ways modular data centers are being used is to provide hosting infrastructure that can be used for blockchain technology. Blockchain is growing but it requires robust data infrastructure to support it. With the speed that blockchain technology is growing, scalable and flexible solutions are required to keep up. MDCs make it more affordable to invest in the sector.

How Does Mawson Use MDCs?

Luna Squares is a subsidiary of Mawson Infrastructure Group. Luna Squares uses MDCs to provide wholesale hosting solutions for medium to large scale mining operations at sites throughout the USA. Luna Squares offers energy-efficient, purpose-built hosting infrastructure that is specially designed to meet the demands of blockchain-based High Performance Computing. Facilities are placed close to key energy sources, including renewable sources, which helps to make Luna Squares scalable and sustainable. The flexible and scalable design means that customer facilities can be rapidly deployed and grown at a pace that works for the company. Operational costs are reduced while complete scalability offers benefits too.

Luna Squares aims to offer optimal facilities for all customers, meeting both cost and performance benchmarks. We aim to optimize our infrastructure through investment in Intellectual Property that makes up significant portions of our MDCs, hardware purchases, and our site selection process. This includes power contracts, site layout and construction, MDC configuration, cooling, sysops, and network management. Our innovative model makes modular data centers an attractive prospect to investors.

Luna Squares Modular Data Center


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