3 Ways Mawson is Simplifying Bitcoin Mining

Purpose-Built Blockchain Infrastructure

Mawson’s infrastructure is purpose-built for blockchain to produce better results. We use cutting-edge compute technology to make digital asset mining efficient and affordable. Not only is our dedicated team is always striving to find new ways to make bitcoin mining simpler with scalable architecture, but by partnering with mining partner vendors, we can scale our facilities on demand.

Reduced Energy Consumption

High energy consumption is frequently emphasized as a major concern in bitcoin mining. Mawson is tackling this problem by researching and implementing solutions that reduce energy consumption and make use of sustainable energy. Alternative technologies that help minimize the environmental effect of digital asset mining are crucial for making bitcoin mining more sustainable. Mawson makes bitcoin mining more affordable and more sustainable through innovations such as Liquid Immersion Technology. Over 75% of our energy is presently derived from non-carbon emitting sources (nuclear, hydro, wind), and we aim to increase this proportion over time as we grow internationally.

Strong Security

Security has long been a topic of concern in bitcoin mining; therefore, measures must be taken to make bitcoin mining safer. Mawson simplifies bitcoin mining by offering excellent security using industry best practices. Improved security in bitcoin mining means greater reassurance in investing in mining. Mawson provides a highly secure environment for both bitcoin mining and digital asset management and employs cutting-edge security measures using industry best practices.

Bitcoin mining should be simpler, which is why Mawson is continually looking for new ways to make changes.


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